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Iain Jay

Company Director - The MindSet Group 

CEO - Workhouse Arts and Rookman Swindler & Co. - Circus Sideshows


Iain Jay works within several inter-connected spheres providing high quality specialist personnel development services to business, schools, colleges and universities
as well as event organisers and private clients requiring training, educational or unique entertainment services. 

The MindSet Group
Stress Management &
Personnel Development
MindSet Education
Students, Staff & SMT 
Interactive Educational Events & Courses

The MindSet Group


Arts & Entertainment

Workhouse Arts
Centre for Community Circus
Variety and Performing Arts
Rookman Swindler & Co
Circus Sideshows
Wedding Sweeps
The Seance Company
ESP, Dark Tours, Ghost Hunts
Seances, Mindwraith, Parapsychology
FireRing Squad
FIRE ..Arts, ..Banners, ..Sculptures, ..Displays, ..Eating, ..Gardens, ..Mazes, ..Walking
Dr Iain Jay
Mentalism, Hypnosis, Mind Games
Stage Illusion,
Sensory Fx
Escape Committee
Cabaret and Arena Shows
Escapology Stunts
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