The Seance Company

Dr Iain Jay is one of the World's leading exponents in Dark Arts entertainment.  An Executive Committee Member of the elite "Psycrets" - the exclusive society for top professional Mentalists, Mind Readers, Paranormal Entertainers and associated arts.  

Family friendly Mentalism through to some of the scariest and unnerving experiences you will never be able to forget.

Cabaret Shows, Exclusive After Dinner Events, Talks & Lectures,
Theatre Productions and recreations of Victorian style Seances.  

The Dark Arts are not just for Halloween.  Entertain your guests with enchanting and eerie tales from folklore to the modern day, mysteries and oddities, witchcraft, ghosts, strange happenings and objects.  
Not only will you hear and experience these tales but you and your guests will be invited to participate in them; maybe something benign such as paranormal demonstrations or darker rituals.  
Readings are also available.