Escape Committee

Part of the Circus Sideshows we can supply exciting Escape Attempts and similar Stunts suitable for Cabaret and Theatre Performance through to large scale  Arena Events for Country Shows and Festivals.  

We are especially noted for our displays of BLINDFOLDED DRIVING.  
Often sponsored by a vehicle dealership, their vehicles form part of an obstacle course within the arena (showcasing their products) and we will then drive one of their vehicles (if they wish, containing their VIP guests) around the course.  We will of course be blindfolded - usually triple blindfolded - without any use of electronics, sound signals (other than passengers and crowds screams).  
Cars, Motorbikes, Buggies, Tractors, Trucks, Bicycles or even Unicycles.  
This is a dramatic activity that always draws huge attention. 
Often combined with activities attracting crowds to the sponsors stand or entertaining their VIP guests. 

VEHICLE vs HUMAN Tug of War 
Chained between two vehicles (or charging Horses) Iain Jay will attempt to escape chains, shackles, padlocks and handcuffs before  time runs out!  

Other large scale stunts are available. 

For Cabaret & Theatre we offer a wide range of escape attempts involving various restraints including Handcuffs and Straitjackets.  These are usually filled with comedy & fun as we are challenged further and further by members of the audience.  A great deal of audience participation is involved.  Suitable for Family as well as Adult audiences.